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Convention panel videos are now available for viewing on each track page. Opening & Closing Ceremonies, and the Tom Smith concerts are available to watch below.
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official ROFCON 2020 Program Book

official ROFCON 2020 Program Book

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  • The Demons of Paris by Flint, Huff & Goodlett
  • Diamonds Are Forever by Flint & Spoor
  • Demons of the Past: Revolution by Ryk Spoor
  • Demons of the Past: Retribution by Ryk Spoor
  • Legend by Ryk Spoor
  • Godswar: Mask of Ares by Ryk Spoor
  • Letters From Gronow by David Carrico
  • Magdeburg Noir by David Carrico
  • A Song of Passing by David Carrico
  • Blood’s Call by David Carrico
  • Time Spike: The Mysterious Mesa by Garrett Vance
  • The Legions of Pestilence by Virginia DeMarce
  • The Trouble With Huguenots by Virginia DeMarce
  • Incident in Alaska Prefecture by Stoney Compton
  • Twilight of Empire by Stoney Compton
  • The Masks of Mirada by Robert Waters
  • Perdition by Marella Sands
  • Up-Time Pride & Down-Time Prejudice by Mark Huston
  • The Newton Cipher by Steve Ruskin
  • After Hastings by Steven Silver
  • The Chrysanthemum, the Cross, and the Dragon by Iver Cooper
  • City By the Bay by Walter Hunt
  • Death Lives in the Water by Shoshana Edwards